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No. We cannot be liable for the quality, safety and characteristics of the product under these conditions, especially if the customer freezes the product at the end of its ambient shelf life.

They may grow mould and become dry.

It depends on the handling conditions the product was exposed to. If you are not going to consume the whole package after opening it, wash your hands, remove the amount of tortillas required and place the remainder in an air tight container. The product should be consumed within 7 days under refrigerated conditions.

The tortillas can be left at ambient temperature and consumable up until the date printed on the package, if unopened.

The shelf life of our Mission products varies depending on their formulation and storage conditions. Following is the typical shelf life of Mission products stored at ambient temperature (unopened package): Flour tortillas: 9 months; Corn tortilla: 3 months; Mini Wrap Original: 90 days; Whole wheat Mini Wrap: 90 days; Wraps: 90 days; Taco shells: 9 months; Dinner kits: 9 months; Taco seasoning mix: 12 months; Pita bread: 23 days; Lebanese bread: 23 days.

The typical corn tortilla size available in all markets is 6” diameter.

The difference is only in the diameter. A burrito is approximately 8” to 10” and a soft taco is apprximately 6”.

Wraps are a sandwich with a twist; they are larger than a regular tortilla and come in a variety of flavours. Great for appetizers and party snacks.

Cut along the dotted line with scissors. Open top carefully. When done, fold the bag a few times and use a chip clip to keep bag sealed tightly.

No. We are not able to recycle this material in Australia.

No, we discontinued the use of partially hydrogenated oils.

Preservatives help protect the flavour and the freshness of our products. We use only the minimum amount of preservatives necessary to provide the product its shelf life.

We have several products containing ingredients from animal sources: Mission Extreme Cheese Tortilla Triangles, Mission Plain Naan Bread, Mission Garlic Naan Bread, Mission Yoghurt and Mint Naan Bread, Mission Round Plain Pizza Base, Mission Round Garlic Pizza Base, Mission Rectangle Plain Pizza Base, Mission Rectangle Garlic Pizza Base, Mission Rye Wraps.

No, there is no MSG in any Mission products except the Mission Extreme Cheese Tortilla Triangles and Mission Chilli and Lime Chips


All Mission Foods plants have strict food safety programs in place, including a very comprehensive Allergen Control Program.

There are no wheat ingredients or incidental wheat present in the products or on the lines that produce corn products.

No, our corn production lines are dedicated to corn products only. Wheat flour tortillas are produced on dedicated lines.

No. Mission corn tortillas do not contain wheat, rye, barley, or oat ingredients.

The following all contain Gluten (wheat): All Mission Tortillas (except Corn), Mission Wraps, Mission Pita Breads, Mission Lebanese Breads, Mission Taco Seasoning Mix, Mission Taco Dinner Kit, Mission Burrito Dinner Kit, Mission Soft Taco Dinner Kit, Mission Pizza Bases, Mission Chapattis and Mission Naan Bread.

We do not add any ingredients that contain gluten into the following products: Mission Regular Taco Shells, Mission Jumbo Taco Shells, Mission White Corn Tortilla Strips, Mission White Corn Tortillas, Mission Extreme Cheese Corn Chips and Mission Chilli and Lime Corn Chips.

The following three products contain Soy ingredients: Mission Five Grain Wraps, Mission Multi-grain Tortillas and Mission Chilli and Lime Chips. All of our wraps and tortillas may contain traces of Soy.

We have several products containing Milk ingredients: Mission Extreme Cheese Tortilla Triangles. Mission Plain Naan Bread, Mission Garlic & Herb Naan Bread, Mission Yoghurt and Mint Naan Bread, Mission Round Plain Pizza Base, Mission Round Garlic & Herb Pizza Base, Mission Rectangle Plain Pizza Base, Mission Rectangle Garlic & Herb Pizza Base, Mission Rye Wraps.

Mission Foods products do not contain any of the following ingredients: peanuts, crustacea, or tree nuts.

It is the code date we use to identify the plant that produced the product, the expiration date of the product, and the production line and time. This information helps us for traceability purposes.

This date is the last day we guarantee our products to meet our high standards for taste and quality.